How to watch 4K content on Disney Plus? A Complete Guide

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December 12, 2023

4K is often considered one of the highest video quality standards available for consumer use. 4K refers to a resolution of approximately 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times the resolution of Full HD (1080p). This increased pixel density results in sharper and more detailed images, especially on larger screens. Disney+ has over 300 titles in 4K UHD and HDR, but you can’t watch them on all devices. Want to know how to watch Disney+ 4K content on different drives? You will find the answer here.

How much does Disney+ cost? 

Prices for a Disney+ subscription can vary depending on the type of subscription you sign up for: 

  • Disney+ Basic: Disney+ (With Ads) for the price of $7.99/month
  • Disney+ Premium: Disney+ (No Ads) for the price of $10.99/month or $109.99/year

Can I watch 4K content with Disney+ Basic plan?

Yes, unlike Netflix and HBO Max, where 4K content only available to the most expensive plans, Disney+ 4K content is available to both Basic and Premium subscriber.

The only 2 differences between Disney+ Basic and Premium is ad-free or not and the ability to download videos to watch on the go.

What is 4K and HDR?

  •  4K Ultra HD: This format displays a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and a clearer picture than full HD video.
  • HDR10: HDR10 is the default HDR format. It stands for High Dynamic Range, which displays a broader range of colors and brightness.

How to watch Disney Plus 4K content on Mac?

Currently, there isn’t an official Disney+ application available for Mac systems. Therefore, your avenue for accessing Disney Plus on Mac is exclusively through web browsers. However, it’s important to note that Disney+ streaming on browsers is limited to a maximum resolution of 720p. So you can’t watch Disney Plus 4K content on Mac.

One workaround is to watch the Disney+ show or movie on an iPhone or iPad, then AirPlay it to the Mac.

How to watch Disney Plus 4K content on Windows?

Disney+ launched an app for Windows 10 and 11 in October 2021. The app has 4K support. Download the official Disney+ Windows app from the Microsoft Store to get started. 

How to watch Disney Plus 4K content on TV, Streaming Player and Game Console?

You can watch Disney Plus 4K content on the following devices:

How to find 4K content on Disney+?

  1. Open Disney+ app on Windows 10/11, 4K TV, streaming player, game console and log in.
  2. To quickly find HD and HDR content, head to the 4K Ultra HD HDR collection on the Home page or use the Ultra HD and HDR filter on the movies and series pages.

How to find 4K content with the Ultra HD and HDR filter?

  1. Click or tap the Search menu.
  2. Click or tap Movies or Series.
  3. Click or tap the filter options and select Ultra HD and HDR.

Disney Plus isn’t currently compatible with Nintendo Switch, however, there are 2 workarounds. Plus, if you don’t have a 4K TV, sreaming player or game consolem you won’t be able to stream Disney Plus 4K but are likely to be limited to 1080p HD resolution. For full details on how to get the streaming service on media streaming devices, why not check out our specific guides including Disney Plus on PS5 and Disney Plus on Roku.

Best 4K Movies On Disney+

Extra Tip: How to download Disney+ movies and TV shows to MP4?

Subscribers with a Disney+ Basic plan have the ability to stream content exclusively online and do not possess the option to download it for offline viewing. Is it possible to download Disney+ movies and TV shows with Disney+ Basic plan? Fortunately, there exists a reliable solution known as the Pazu Disney Plus Downloader. This adept software enables users to download Disney+ videos on both Windows and Mac platforms, leveraging an active internet connection. The downloaded videos are then preserved in either MP4 or MKV format at 720P resolution. This convenient feature allows you to enjoy your downloaded content offline, eliminating the need for the Disney+ app or website access.

Disney Plus Video Downloader

Disney+ Video Downloader

Download Disney+ movies & TV shows to MP4 with HD quality. 

  • Download movies & TV shows from Disney+.
  • Download video in 720P.
  • Preserve audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Fast downloading speed.

The following is the detailed tutorial to download movies and TV shows from Disney+ with Pazu Disney+ Video Downloader.

Step 1. Run Pazu Disney+ Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows

Download, install and launch Pazu Disney+ Video Downloader on your Mac. Log in your Disney+ account. Click the key icon and enter your registration code to unlock the full version if you have purchased a registration. If you haven’t, go ahead with the free trial version.

Disney Plus Video Downloader

Step 2. Add Disney+ movies/TV shows

Enter the movie/TV show title in the search field.

add Disney Plus videos

Or copy&paste the link of the movie/TV show from Disney+ website. Then click the Search icon.

search Disney Plus videos

Step 3. Customize the output settings

Click on the Setting button on the upper right corner to customize the video format (MP4/MKV), video codec (H264, H265), and output path, select the language of audio tracks and subtitles, etc.

  • Video format: MP4 or MKV
  • Video codec: H264 or H265
  • Audio language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
  • Subtitle language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
Disney Plus format

Step 4. Download Netflix movies or TV shows

Pazu Disney+ Video Downloader allows you to select specific audio tracks and subtitles for downloading.

If you are downloading a movie, there is a Setting icon next to the Download icon. Click it to choose the exact audios and subtitles languages. Click on the Download icon to start downloading the Netflix movie.

If you are downloading a TV show, after clicking the download icon. You will see all episodes and Setting buttons on the pop-up window. You need to select the episodes you want to download and click the Setting button to choose the exact audios and subtitles languages, then click the Download button.

Disney Plus episodes

Then click Download button on the right bottom corner. The downloading begins.

Disney Plus videos to MP4