4 Ways to watch Disney+ on iMac/MacBook in 2024

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January 26, 2024

Disney+ is one of the best streaming services available. It is the home of all things Disney, from the 1930s onwards. There are many Disney cartoons and shorts, from the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie, to hits like Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles from the 90s. It has a nice mixture of family-friendly content that is more modern in nature and also suitable for young children.

Disney Plus is available on just about any phone, tablet, computer, connected TV or streaming media box, including those from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku, Sony, Amazon, Samsung and LG. However, there is no Disney+ app for Mac. But you can still watch Disney+ on Mac, via browser or download Disney+ movies and TV shows to MP4 with a professional Disney+ Video Downloader.

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Option 1. Visit Disney+ website via browser

You can watch Disney+ content on your Mac web browsers, to do so you just need to log on to the website of the service. But downloading content to watch offline is not accessible. The browsers below are supported by Disney+ on Mac.

  • Safari 11+ (supported on macOS 10.12 Sierra and later)
  • Chrome 75+ (supported on macOS 10.10 Yosemite and later)
  • Firefox 68+ (supported on macOS 10.9 Mavericks and later)

Option 2. Use Disney+ Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is an app built for the web that provides an experience similar to a mobile app. You can use PWAs for a fast web experience on your computer.

1. Visit disneyplus.com in Google Chrome and log in your account.

2. Click the computer icon on the right side of the address bar and choose Install.

3. Now the Disney+ app will open immediately. Next time you can access it from /Users/~~/Applications/Chrome Apps. To keep is always in Dock, right click it in the Dock, choose Options – Keep in Dock.

Option 3. AirPlay Disney+ from iOS to Mac

Disney+ allows you to airplay content to Mac from iOS devices. Make sure your Mac and iOS are commented to the same WiFi network.

  1. Open Disney+ app on your iOS device and log in your account.
  2. Play the video you want to watch. You could also download content to your iPhone or iPad and play them from Downloads.
  3. Tap the AirPlay icon and choose your Mac from the list.
  4. Click Accept on your Mac top right corner and the Disney+ movie will be played on your Mac.

Note: Due to a technical issue, streaming Disney+ Basic (With Ads) via Apple Airplay may not be currently available.

Option 4. Install Disney+ app for Windows on Mac

Thanks to the virtual machine software like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, etc., you can install Windows on Mac and then install Disney+ app for Windows. Then, you could watch Disney+ movies and TV shows to Mac. However, to watch them, you would have to boot your Mac into Windows first.

However, currently the Disney+ app for Windows has been demoted to a web app, which is just the website with a window around it. So it no longer supports 5.1 audio and full HD. Now only supports stereo and 720p. It doesn’t support downloading Disney+ movies/TV shows to watch offline, so this option is not recommended.

Option 5. Watch Disney+ offline on Mac with Pazu Disney+ Downloader

If you just want to download Disney+ movies on Mac to watch offline during a long train journey, or on an international flight, you may feel frustrated. There is no Disney+ app for you to download content to watch offline. Movies and TV shows you downloaded from phone and tablet can’t be transfered to your Mac since they are only available on the device where they are downloaded. Luckily, there is a professional Disney+ Video Downloader – Pazu Disney+ Video Downloader allows you to download Disney+ movies and TV shows to MP4/MKV in 720p on your Mac and Windows. Then you can watch Disney+ movies offline on any device.

Pazu Disney Plus Video Downloader  

Pazu Disney Plus Video Downloader is the sureshot solution for your seamless interaction with Disney Plus as:

  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows devices
  • It offers a high-quality download in 720 pixels resolution.
  • It offers a range of language options in the subtitles and audio.
  • It is available in free trial and premium versions.
  • It offers 24*7 customer support for global users.
Disney Plus Video Downloader

Disney+ Video Downloader

Download Disney+ movies & TV shows to MP4 with HD quality. 

  • Download movies & TV shows from Disney+.
  • Download video in 720P.
  • Preserve audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Fast downloading speed.

Step 1. Run Pazu Disney+ Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows

All you need is the Pazu Disney Plus video downloader before planning to download movies and shows from Disney Plus. You can use your free trial version or can go for the paid version of the downloader. Open your Mac or Windows device and run the Pazu Disney Plus video downloader on it. Select the key icon and enter the registration code if you have a purchased version or you can go for entering the details of log-in if you’re using a trial version currently.

Disney Plus Video Downloader

Step 2. Add Disney+ movies/TV shows

Go to the search field and enter the name of the movie or the TV show.

add Disney Plus videos

You can alternatively copy and paste the URL link of the TV show or the movie in the search bar of the Pazu Disney Plus video downloader.

search Disney Plus videos

Step 3. Customize the output settings

Go to the settings icon to select the video format, video codec, audio languages, subtitle languages, etc. The following are the available options:

  • Video format: MP4 or MKV
  • Video codec: H264 or H265
  • Audio language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
  • Subtitle language: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
Disney Plus format

Step 4. Download Netflix movies or TV shows

Click on the download icon located next to the movie title on the Disney Plus platform. If you want to download the TV shows, you can click on the download icon located next to the selected episode.

There is a quick option to select the audio tracks and the subtitles before you start downloading your favorite movies or TV shows.

Disney Plus episodes

Then click Download button on the right bottom corner. The downloading begins.

Disney Plus videos to MP4