How to Turn On Subtitles on Amazon Prime Video

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May 9, 2024

Prime Video offers a massive library of movies and shows, accessible in over 200 countries and territories. This global reach means content comes in many languages, catering to audiences from diverse linguistic backgrounds. To bridge the language gap and ensure everyone enjoys the experience, Prime Video offers a range of audio and subtitle options. This article will show you how to activate subtitles on various devices, letting you enjoy content in your native language or explore foreign films with translated text. Follow our guide and unlock the full potential of your Prime Video experience.


Turn on Prime Video Subtitles on Mobile

  1. Launch the Prime Video app on your iOS, Android, or Fire tablet. Start playing a video and tap the screen to display playback options.
  2. Tap the Subtitles and Audio icon (the speech bubble icon) at the top right.
Subtitle Icon on Phone

  1. Choose the language you prefer under “Subtitles”.
  2. Tap “Close” in the top right corner and you have enabled the subtitle for the video.
Select Subtitle Language on Phone

Enable Subtitles for Prime Video on the Desktop

  1. Open the Prime Video app on your Mac or Windows computer and play a movie or show.
  2. Hover your cursor over the player to show the playback menu.
  3. Click the Subtitles and Audio icon (the speech bubble icon) in the top right corner and choose your desired subtitle language from the available options.
  4. Select “Close” at the upper right. Subtitles will now be displayed for the video.

Activate Subtitles on the Prime Video Web Player

  1. Log in to your account at Click Prime Video from the top menu and choose a title to watch.

  1. Hover your mouse over the video player and the playback controls will appear.
  2. Select the Subtitles and Audio icon (the speech bubble icon) at the upper right and choose the subtitle language you prefer.
  3. The subtitles will be displayed on the screen. Simply move your cursor away from the menu to close it and continue watching.
Subtitles Web Player

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Prime Video Subtitles on TV

  1. Open the Prime Video app on your Smart TV and play a movie or show. Press the Up-Arrow key on your remote to view the playback options.
  2. Select the Subtitles and Audio icon (the speech bubble icon).

  1. Navigate with your remote to select Subtitles from the options.

  1. Select On to activate subtitle options.

  1. Use the arrow keys on your remote to pick your desired subtitle language.

How to Customize Prmie Video Subtitles

Prime Video also allows you to personalize your Subtitles experiences. If your device supports subtitle customization, you’ll see a “Subtitle Settings” option when the Subtitles and Audio icon (the speech bubble icon) is selected. This menu allows you to:

  • Change subtitle size: Make subtitles larger or smaller for better readability.
  • Adjust subtitle color: Choose a color that contrasts well with the background for improved visibility.

Smart TVs: On some Smart TVs, enabling subtitles will automatically display settings for size, color, and other options directly on the screen.


Roku Devices: Roku doesn’t allow customizing subtitles within the Prime Video app. However, you can adjust subtitle settings for all apps on your Roku device through the Settings menu.

How to Download Prime Video to MP4 with Subtitles

Amazon Prime Video offers a variety of TV shows, documentaries, movies, series, and originals. Amazon Prime members can download titles on their Fire tablet, iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows 10 via the Prime Video app for offline viewing. However, these downloads are restricted to playback within the app on the device where they were downloaded, and they become inaccessible once the membership expires.

To keep the downloaded Prime Video titles even after unsubscribing from Prime Video, consider using Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader. This versatile software tool allows you to download Prime Video movies and TV shows, including those in Freevee, in MP4 or MKV format. During the download process, you can select any or all the available subtitle and language options and choose from soft subtitles, hard subtitles, or external subtitles. External subtitles can be saved as SRT files along with the video, providing flexibility for managing subtitles outside the video player.

Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. You can easily transfer downloaded files to any compatible device for offline enjoyment. With this intelligent downloader, you can bypass download restrictions and expiration dates of Prime Video, preserving your favorite content forever.


  • Download Amazon Prime Video to MP4/MKV
  • Download movies and TV shows in up to 1080p.
  • Built-in Prime Video web player. No Prime Video app is required.
  • Multiple downloads at a time.
  • Keep any or all audio and subtitles.
  • Save subtitles as Embedded subtitles, Independent subtitles, or Hardcoded subtitles.
  • Keep Audio Description and Audio surround sound.
  • Multilingual interface: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 简体中文.

Step 1. Run Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader

To get started, first you need to download, install and run the Pazu Amazon Video Downloader app on your Mac/Windows and sign in with your Amazon account.

Click the key icon and enter your registration code to unlock the full version if you have purchased a registration. If you haven’t, go ahead with the free trial version.

Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Step 2. Add Prime Video Movies/Shows 

Enter the name of a movie or show. Browse through the results and find the one you want to download.

Or you can copy and paste the link of the show or movie and click the Search icon to find the title.

add Prime Video movies

Step 3. Choose Video Subtitles/Format/Quality

Before starting to download anything, you can customize the video settings. Tap the Gear icon and select the output settings for video formats, video codecs, audio languages, or subtitle languages. You can choose to save subtitles as soft, hard, or external subtitles.


Step 4. Download Prime Video Movies/Shows 

Tap the download icon next to the movie or show you want to download.

  • For a movie, click the Download icon next to it and the downloading begins.
  • For a show, click the Download icon next to it to select the episodes you want to download.
Prime Video to MP4

Before downloading, you can also click the Settings icon to choose subtitles and audio tracks for each episode. Click Download after you’ve done with the Settings.

Audio and subtitle languages in Settings only show the 6 common languages. Here you can choose any language from whatever the movie or TV show provides.

Prime Video to MP4 Select Subtitles

5. Find Downloaded Prime Video Titles

To find the content you’ve downloaded, click the History icon on the top.


Now you have located the downloaded Prime Video titles, you can transfer the downloaded videos and watch them on any supported device, with the subtitles you have selected.


Amazon Prime Video offers customized subtitle options to ensure seamless viewing experiences for global audiences. Follow the guidance to enable subtitles and enjoy shows and movies on any device. If you want to keep your favorite shows with preferred subtitles, even after your Prime membership expires, use a third-party tool like Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader. It can download titles included with Prime, rented and purchased videos, and even Freevee videos to your Mac and Windows computer, without encountering any expiration or download number restrictions.

To get started, download, install and run the Pazu Amazon Video Downloader app on your Mac/Windows.