2 Ways to sign out of Amazon Prime Video on TV

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December 4, 2023

It’s easy to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV. You can get the Prime Video app on most smart TVs from many manufacturers. However, sometimes you may need to sign out of Prime Video on your smart TV. The reason why you would want to sign out of Prime Video on your smart TV is maybe because you want to use somebody else’s account or you are selling your TV. In this article, we show you how to sign out of your Amazon Prime Video app on any Smart TV. Dont worry you can sign in and sign out (deregister) as many times as you want.

Option 1. Sign out of Amazon Prime Video on TV directly

  1. From the Home Screen of Prime Video, navigate to Settings icon on the bottom left corner.
  2. Select Settings with your TV remote.
  3. Scroll and select Sign out.
  4. Select Sign out again and confirm.
  5. Now the next time you launch the Prime Video app, you will be prompted to log in. This is where you can sign into Amazon Prime Video with a different account.

If you can’t find the Sign out button, make sure you are on the main profile, not a Kid’s profile.

It won’t immediately be there but you just have to keep scrolling down.

for old Prime Video app

  1. Launch the Prime Video app on your TV.
  2. Select Settings on Prime Video app top menu, and then press OK.
  3. Scroll and select Sign out.
  4. Select Sign out again and confirm.

On some TV models, such as Samsung TV, Roku device, it may called Deregister your device.

Use the remote to select it and then press OK on the remote.

A screen appears asking if you are sure you want to deregister your TV from your Amazon account, highlight the Deregister Device button using TV remote, then press OK.

Option 2. Sign out of Amazon Prime on TV remotely

If you signed into Amazon Prime Video app on another TV like in a hotel or a friend’s house and forgot to log out, don’t worry, you can log out remotely.

1. Visit amazon.com and log in your account.

2. Hover over Account & Lists on the top right corner and click Content & Devices.

3. Click Devices, then Prime Video.

4. Find the TV you want to log out of Prime Video and click Deregister.

5. Click Deregister again to confirm.

How to download Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows on TV?

Unlike Amazon Prime Video app for Mac and Windows, the Amazon Prime Video app on your smart TV doesn’t have Download option. Movies and TV shows you downloaded on Mac and Windows can’t be transferred to TV since the downloaded videos are DRM protected.

To watch Amazon Prime Video offline on your TV, the only method is to download movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video to MP4 and then play them on your TV from USB drive. All you need is Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader.

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  • Download all titles marked as “Included with Prime” to MP4/MKV.
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